The Bronze Oak Project

The Bronze Oak Project aims to create an extraordinary new public artwork by reproducing a life-size 900-year-old oak from Windsor Great Park perfectly in bronze in a key public space. This awe-inspiring artwork will be used as the centrepiece of an arts experience with a wider purpose, using the iconic symbol of the ancient oak tree to catalyse a meaningful and lasting connection between citizens and the natural world.

Based on the latest psychological research, we will develop an immersive arts experience which aims to increase nature connection, thereby improving health and wellbeing and promoting pro-environmental behaviour. We will use the lifetime of an ancient tree to explore past, present and future, providing an emotional connection to the issues explored, motivating action for a greener future.


The Tree

Find out more about why we’re planning to build a bronze oak tree, and the technology that makes it possible


The Exhibition

The Bronze Oak will be the centrepiece of an exhibition aimed at connecting people to nature. Find out more here