The Exhibition

Ancient trees are of huge cultural significance, and we propose to create a cultural moment for ancient trees that motivates action to ensure they continue to feature in our landscapes for generations to come. We know that the public has a love of trees, and there is huge potential in celebrating this. Based on the latest psychological research, the project will use art to drive nature connection, using the cultural importance of ancient trees to build a strong emotional connection that is so important in motivating change. 

The tree – an incredible artwork in its own right – will be accompanied by a multimedia arts exhibition, using the symbolism of the tree to connect past, present and future. The experience will be highly interactive, providing something for everyone, and engaging all the senses to help deepen nature connection. Visitors will be invited to share their own stories and experiences, as well as create and add to the exhibition, increasing relevanceand deepening emotional engagement.

After a time-limited period in London, the arts exhibition will then separate from the Bronze Oak sculpture and tour Britain with a maquette of the oak, providing an opportunity to reach a far wider audience.  At the end of the tour the different parts of the exhibition will be dispersedto a range of partner organisations.